Volleyball without ball - Full of fun

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Volleyball without ball - Full of fun Empty Volleyball without ball - Full of fun

Post  Anbusivam on Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:01 pm

We need to play volleyball without a ball but acting like they have a ball. This will be full of fun and also will make everybody know everybody's name. So kind of introduction session also. Here is the plan:
  • Team of two (6 each roughly) stands opposite side in a in court with a virtual ball.
  • A person serves the virtual ball to other team(only action without a ball) by calling a name in the other side pointing the service towards that person.
  • Only the person who was called should pickup the ball without a delay. Any delay in either picking the ball or hitting the ball makes opposite team score 1point.
  • Any team can retain the virtual ball for 3 hits and then pass it to opposite team as in Volleyball.


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