Teaching techniques(for AMK workshop)

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Teaching techniques(for AMK workshop)

Post  sivasubramani on Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:06 pm

During the First General Workshop for the current year(2012) in Chennai dated Aug 11&12 there was a long discussion about the current AMK sessions. At the end of the discussion there was a common suggestion coined. Moving forward we will try to make all our AMK sessions more interactive and have more fun elements than what we are currently doing. This discussion thread is basically for identifying the necessary elements which needs to be made mandatory for all AMK sessions to achieve the above goal. I have created this draft list of elements based on my recent interaction with few experts.
The list which you see below is not the finalised version. This is a draft version. I want each one of you to review and provide your thoughts on this so that we can come up with a final list of elements.

Necessary Elements/Points for AMK sessions to be made more interactive and fun filled:
1. Grab Wards Attention
2. 30%-70% rule
3. Teaching Aids
4. Duration of lecture

Grab Wards Attention:
When we start any session, it is always necessary that we grap the attention of the wards. For doing this it is always recommended that we should not directly jump into the topic immediately. We can take around 2 to 5 mins to for achieving this. Please find the below the list of Attention grabbers(not complete list):
1. An anecdote. This can be any story(totally unrelated to the session) which can make the wards smile or feel amuzed. By this we get the wards attention
2. A Small game making the wards active.
3. A small song making the wards to sing and dance.
4. A small story about any great and inspiring person.
Please note, this 2 to 5 mins activity can either be related or unrelated to the topic. The moto of this activity should be grab the attention and make the wards ready to listen to the executor.

30%-70% rule:
Every session should always follow the 30-70 rule without fail. The 30% contributes to the executor lecture and remaining 70% represents the wards interaction. To detail this point, if a session is planned for one hour then the executor should speak for the maximum of 20 mins. Remaining 40 mins of the session must be full of activties or wards interaction. So this means that based on the session duration the session designer must have sufficient activities for the 70% of the total session duration. The rule is taken from the current ABL system which is implemented in Tamil Nadu.

Teaching Aids:
Normally in all AMK sessions we use Blackboard, subject books as teaching aids. In addition to these the session design team must try to include one or more of the below of list of teaching aids
1. Pictures related to the topic of discussion.
2. Videos on the topic of discussion
3. Small activity or game depiciting the topic of the discussion.

Duration of lecture:
If we are planning an AMK session for 2 hours then based on the 30-70 rule the lecture duration will be around 40 mins. In one stretch the lecture duration can be only 20 mins. At the end of every 20 mins a small topic diversion or fun must be filled in the session. This number has been arrived after my discussion with few expert session handlers. They generally feel that more than 20 mins it is generally difficult to grab anybody's attention. So at the end of every 20 mins a short diversion is needed. This diversion can be for 1 to 2 mins. At this point we can tell a small story or a personal experience.

I would like to reiterrate that this is just a draft version. Please comment on this thread so that we can come up with a final list of elements.


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Re: Teaching techniques(for AMK workshop)

Post  vsr.saravanan on Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:42 pm

Thanks Siva for initiating this..

The below suggestion is a teaching technique which makes a concept deeply etched in students' mind.

1. Learning by conflict:
It's human psychology to show great interest when there is a conflict/difference of thoughts/opinions.

For eg:
To explain inertia.. we can ask an interesting question "why earth is rotating?". Each student should tell his own theory. It may be correct or wrong. After every one answers, we give the correct answer and explain the reason behind it.

My assumption is most of them will give a wrong answer; if you then give a correct answer that is entirely different from student's answer. This creates a difference in student's thoughts about the question that was asked and he will remember it.

Hence instead of just giving information (which is the way the textbooks are written), if we create a conflict in his mind and then clear the conflict, we are enabling his learning.



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Re: Teaching techniques(for AMK workshop)

Post  Priya_Ba on Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:51 pm

Just a few points to add...

Every kid has his/her own style of learning (basically three kinds). The sessions should be created to address all those three types of learners.
Any session will be successful if the audience participation is more. So we should have sessions that involve our students. They should speak more than us!
The sessions should have a small evaluation towards the end. Students will remember things only if they think of it again and again!
Limited information. Too much of information on the same day will tire them out and nothin will enter their brains after a point.


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Re: Teaching techniques(for AMK workshop)

Post  Mathankumar on Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:36 pm

Thanks Siva for initiating the very important part of AMK.

I have some thoughts mentioned below:

Sharing jokes in between class to divert them to give mind break..

let them to take class(less then 5min) in small topics after we teach them.

Ask them to imagine themselves about they learned in that sessions.

Ask them to underline important sentence in textbook and let them ask questions about some defficult words and sentence..

Let them read in groups(2-4 in a group) rather than reading as a individual, it will help to continues concentration while they reading.


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Re: Teaching techniques(for AMK workshop)

Post  Narayanasami on Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:16 am

Very good and healthy discussion points.

VSR's 'Learning by conflict' - It can be one of the 'Activity' in the 30%-70%, for some sessions, where it is appropriate.
"Read in a group" - For somebody it suits, and for somebody, it doesn't.

Siva, Is there any small example ABL session like a draft or prototype for Vazhai wards? It will help others to visualize.


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Re: Teaching techniques(for AMK workshop)

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