Four ice breaking sessions! - Choose the ones that you feel are good!

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Choose the one which you prefer is the best (can choose more than one)!

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Four ice breaking sessions! - Choose the ones that you feel are good!

Post  Priya_Ba on Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:37 pm

Name Roulette! - பெயர் சக்கரம் :
To play this game we need to form two equal circles, one inside the other. Set the circles up so one person from each circle is standing back to back to one member from the other circle. We have to mark a spot each in both the circles.

These circles both start moving in clockwise motion, ensuring each member of the circle passes through the "spot". The moderator will call stop. At that point the people on each spot must turn around and face each other. The person who names the other first wins that round and the "loser" joins the winner’s circle. We can play this game for some 10 minutes, whichever circle has more number of participants at the end of the game will be announced the winner.

Look, shout and out! – Think of a tamil name :

Everyone stands in a tight circle, with their heads down looking at their toes. The team starts moving slowly in a clockwise motion. When ‘Heads Up’ (we can use some tamil word) is called, everyone looks up and stares at someone else in the circle. If that person is also looking back at you, then you scream real loud and both of them jump back out of the circle. If the person you’re looking at is not looking at you, put your head back down and wait for the next round.

We should play this untill we have only two players in the circle and they will be the winners!

Finding Twins - ஜோடியை தேடு:

To prepare for the activity, we should decide the categories such as animals, famous people, occupations, emotions, sports, etc well before in time and write them in a chit of paper. (involves one or two papers)

We have to write each category we have chosen in two papers and distribute it to the group. The trick is we should create two additional names without pairs.
To start the ativity, distribute the slips to players and advise them not to share what is written on the slip with anyone else. Ask the group to spread out in the playing area. Tell the group that each person must make a noise associated with the example on their slip of paper and/or act to show what is written in the chit (they should not tell what is written unless they find their pair).

Tell the group that each person must now find their twin by acting out their card. Once the partners have found each other, they stop where they are and watch the other playing find each other.

Human Treasure Hunt - கண்டுபிடி, கண்டுபிடி:

Divide the team into groups and give each of them a sheet of paper with list of some 10 statements. Give time to the group to find people who meet the criteria of different statements on the list. When participants find someone who meets the criteria, they ask that person to sign their list.

At the end of the activity, read off the various statements and ask anyone who meets the criteria to stand up.

A sample list is:
Is an only child
Hates chocolate
Can swim and hold breath upto 100 counts
Knows his ABC backwards
Has two brothers
Knows cooking, etc…


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