Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th

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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:02 pm

Here is the agenda for the review meeting for this year which will happen on September 8th, 9th. In the review meeting we have to arrive at a process with what, how, when & immediate steps for each of the below points. Kindly add your point of view for each of the points in the below agenda. Lets have a broader vision even before arriving to our review meeting.

  • Workshop
    - Framing a workshop syllabus that concentrates on personality development, self confidence, social responsibility
    - Workshop execution (co-ordination, communication, travel, locale arrangements, etc.,)
  • Re-tracking our mentorship program
    - Framing a mentorship syllabus on what to guide, how to measure the growth
    - Re-establishing the mentorship tracking & effective co-ordination
    - We should conclude one-to-one mentorship at a stage
    ---Should this be 1 or 2 or 3 years
    ---Positives and negatives of each duration.
  • Mentors
    - Keeping our mentors motivated
    - Value addition to our mentors
  • Admin
    - Office
    - Documentation
  • Communications & hr
    - Increasing our mentor base
    - Keeping in touch with our supporters/advisors/contributors who are not active
  • Working as one vazhai (Bangalore Chennai)
  • Finance
    - Process
    - Fund raising
  • Support from locale
    - Ways to gain support from the locality (dharmapuri vizhuppuram)
    - Ways to utilize the support
  • Next steps
    - Academics – our stand (below are only examples., add your own points if you have any)
    ---Appointing Vazhai recruited teachers to schools with has teachers deficiency
    ---Arranging tuition in their locale, etc.,
    ---Working with other NGOs in locality who concentrate only on academics
    - Reaching mass
    ---Having pool of trained teachers base and appointing them to the needy schools
    ---Replicating our model to other localities
  • Org Structure


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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Re: Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th

Post  Lavi on Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:45 pm

Hi Admin,

I think we should add making and defining roles and have a Org Structure.


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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Re: Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th

Post  Saravanamuthu on Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:06 pm

Hi Lavi,

Roles and responsibilities are already defined. We just need to look after it for any changes and then circulate it among the groups for everyone to be aware of.

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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty reg post 10th

Post  vrkravindran on Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:44 pm

we need to discuss our strategy we are going to follow for the post 10th college students. Our students are not getting the education loans properly and i feel there is a need of time to involve officially. we need to find out the appropriate ways to make the smooth education loan flow. I request Anbu anna to add this point in the agenda.

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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Re: Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th

Post  Saravanamuthu on Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:46 pm


We have defined few processes (like sharing the monthly statement of Vazhai account every month) to keep the financial aspects of Vazhai transparent to the members but we haven't followed it diligently. We should redefine the processes that are already defined and newly define the required process(es) and adhere to it.

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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Re: Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th

Post  Narayanasami on Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:03 pm

Few suggestions for review meeting schedule:

How is it going to be? Is it like, one session will be allocated for each item?
I think, first one person should give a brief on all the agenda items, so that the base for the further sessions will be set.
There will be one session to discuss items not covered in the agenda.

At the end of 2nd day, how about assigning action items (based on the discussions) to individuals/group?
Also, passing resolutions (தீர்மானங்கள்), that will the base for the future of vazhai?

It will be better to start with a ice-breaking session for 15 or 30 mins - so chennai and bangalore people will ease with each other.
And 'energy passing' - so that, we all will be aligned.

It would be better if Anbusivam or somebody moderate the sessions.
During discussions, it would be nice if whoever has some points to tell, gets a chance to convey.

Let us make the best out of this meeting.


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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Academics discussion points

Post  dillu on Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:08 pm

- local support

Siva Jyothi
- local support

- touching only basic level
- After basic level tution can be given
- Appointment of teachers is not ok
- Wards from different areas, so it wont be effective


- Teachers can be appointed if it worksout
- weekend classes for wards assigning teachers
- PTA assigned teachers can be utilized by providing funding

- Finance will be an issue.
- Expectation from assigned teachers
- Objectives for teachers
- Can select volunteers and from local area for teaching.

-Using wards we can track
- Using post 10th wards

- local support can be used and followed up weekly

- Vazhai appointed teachers wont workout. Finalcial issue
- post 10th wards can be used
- can we approach govt officials syatamatically

- Secoding ba;la and bharathi

-Arranging local people to teach

- We should focus and not sure how far teachers will be effective

- Tuition is not a best option
- post 10th wards or seniors students can be used.
- practical difficulties in Vazhai appointed teachers. our focus will be deviated
- Training teachers
- We should be part of teaching.


- arranging tutions only for 9th and 10th
- Using 1st year college students for teaching
- Cartificate can be provided for teachers from vazhai

- Education department can be contacted
- PTA fund can be used
- You should we assign teachers to school.
- generate awareness to raise PTA fund.
- local support
- Give preference to post 10th

- ABL is good so we can reduce academics
- 9th and 10th tution should be arranged
- Education mister can be approached. Salary should be minimum 5000 for teachers
- appintmnt of teachers only if we have enough fund (6 months to 1 year fund should be available in fund)
- Finance should be strong. 80 G...

- Local tution
- one teacher per area

- One school one teacher
- PTA head should be interested.
- old students can be approached.
- Teachers appoined based on school needs.
- Salary norms can be defined based on areas.
- bonding with school
- common place like school for local tutions
- Salary issue for teachers

- Bonding with teachers in the school

-wards leadership skills
- 9th and 10th wards

- Local wards should be identified and our teaching methodolgies should be used.
- 9th and 10th wards tution

- Tution for wards

- interest should be created on wards
- Local tution
- we can finance for tution
- Practical difficulties in approaching government officials.

Karthik - New
- local volunteers

- Existing students will have problems.
- can contact experts on academic
- teahcers bonding
- Working with teachers and inviting them for workshop
- Shortage of teachers. Appointing teaches is temporary solution.
- Tution wont be effective.
- two teams - one for existing teachers, second team for bonding with teachers.

- Depends upon the school.
- Creating repo with teachers
- Tracking students by using existing wards

- Local tutions

Ramya swamynathan
- Talking with government to appoint teachers.

Banu priya
- inviting teachers for work shop.
- local person should be appointed. he/she should be graduated
- Bonding with schools. Students learn most of the things in schools. Academics should be given in schools
- Giving contents to teachers.

- Life skills should be made effective so that wards will learn themselves.
- Learning methodologies
- Focus should not be only on academic. Gapon exposure should be filled

- Basic should be fixed. Academics is not our goal.
- Teaching basics
- Syallabus coverage creates pressure.
- Creating interest in subjects by sessions and using experts.
- do we need Appointment of teachers??
- Problems in tutions also..

- Teachers appointment is not feasible. Pay should be feasilble.
- Local support but how far tracking is feasible.
- Tution is a better option.

- under staffed. Existing teachers are exhosted.
- Materials availabel in school bu no man power.
- No basics.
- We can question teachers if we assign.
- AMK should only be monitoring body.

- improve process by giving materials to teachers.
- create a model

- Same as lavanya and sami

- saravananuthu and sami points are valid
- academis should not be addressed by us
- Government should be questioned
- ABL is working well, so there wont be any issues in future.

- Basics
- Finance
- Learning methodologies.

- Teacher apoinment is a short term goal.
- Tution


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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Conclusion of Academic discussion

Post  dillu on Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:14 pm

Team for studying the feasibility study.
- Lavanya
- RathanaGanesh
- Dilip
- Sami
- Saravanamuthu

Team for Systamatic way(PTA)
- Mukund
- Kalyan
- Saravanamuthu

By September end give the objective and deadline

Academics from coming workshop should be activity based.


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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Workshop Discusssion

Post  dillu on Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:18 pm

- workshop is ad-hoc
- Roles are empty
- no clarity on workshop

- Can give information about general things like civics etc
- Language improvement
- Story formation
- Aptitude
- Environment related ideas

- Ask wards needs and frame workshop

- workshop should be continuous

-Theme should be defined
- One person should be for logistics, food etc.,
- Chennai and Bangalore should discuss common - WS planning team
- More supports required to reduce the mentors work
- Cost should be defined
- Theme should be decided on start of the year

- no proper documentation and not using the documents
- Forum based work

- Schedule like Workshop dates, AHM etc., should be defined
- Volunteers from one palce to attened the other WS
- Session design execution document should be created manditorily
- Communication to old wards should be taken care
- there should be platform for exposure for wards

- Schedule not prepared properly
- last minute workshop schedule
- no reponsibilties given to new mentors
- continuous session with different content should be followed
- Discussion going on closed groups

- atleast two person should be responsible any activity

Ramya Swamynathan
- no proper followup of sessions like cleanliness
- One theme per workshop
- review of sessions - mandatory review team should be implemented

- Defined content is not there.
- Team building is good
- Workshop co-ordinator should be constant for the entire year
- involvements of parents in workshop is important

- feedback on session should be included in design document.
- Decisions should be transparent
- common sessions for all wards
- recall of previous sessions
- Parents incolvement
- Career based session

- process in place shpould be there for food, transport, stationary etc should be maintained.
- buffer member should be there
- supporting activities should break down and defined and followed throughout the year.

- Employee for Vazhai
- Conference calls taking long time. we can use Skype
- voluteers should be actively involved
- session for parents like informing govt schems.

- wards profiling should be added in website
- role should be given to each wards
- many papers being used. low quality papers can be used.
- reason for absence of wards in workshop.
- yoga classes should be there.

- Dates should be fixed
- minimum 2 owners should there for each session.
- co-ordinators should do only that role.
- WS contents should be freezed well in advance which wil help in materials purchase.
- mock WS should be conducted.
- Dates should be publised in website well in advance.
- one WS co-ordinator for entire year is not a good idea

-Secaratary and WS co-ordinator should be same

- Students should be involved in sessions
- Students should come up with sessions
- monitoring students and recognizing them.

- always working for vazhai
- Plan for one year should be made
- repeating of sessions
- New ice breaking sessions
- forcing the wards to do what we plan
- new wards not knowing the session given for old wards
- Wards should be given time to tell what went wrong in workshop. Feedback from ward
- no proper discussion on sessions
- Repeated sessions filling up the schedule.
- ward-mentor session
- seperate execution team for workshop.

- Increasing the number of WS
- One theme for both Bangalore and Chennai and they should work together
- medical workshop followup should be properly handled

- work as one team.

- Certificate should be giiven for performance.
- Session for motivation involving both wards and mentors

- Packed sessions.
- montly meet can be used for
- Place is not feasible in Ananthapuram
- set of supports can shuffle there roles.

- Guidelines should be ready
- Grading for each workshop which can be used as a quatifiable measure

- Practical sessions like fire service, milk society etc.,

- not only office work, can bring people who succeded in business and give a session

- Vazhai calender
- template for schedule
- Reduce conf call timing
- attendence shoyuld be filled by wards
- Nutrition and Hygine sessions
- role of mentor in workshop

- same as senthil point

- Students attendence and mentor attendence should be mandatory
- Cost should be taken care for each session
- WS co-ordinator should be from both chennai and bangalore
- reply to session design is resposibilty of mentors
- no time in preparing for WS
- one team execution has to be stopped


- Approval team should be there
- One team
- without review no workshop.


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Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th Empty Re: Review meeting 2012 September 8th, 9th

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