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 Ice Breaking sessions Ideas Empty Ice Breaking sessions Ideas

Post  SathyaVanthey on Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:20 pm

Encourage children to mill around the room and to make contact with other children they don't know. Call out a number and an object. For instance, you might say, "Three, elephant." Children will gather into groups of three and work together to form their bodies into the shape of an elephant. Expect a little laughter as they contort themselves. As soon as you feel they have adequately covered that object, begin again. Remember to keep the number you call small enough so that each child can have a say in how they form the objec

M&M's Answer Game
You'll need a bowl of M&M's for this fun activity. Have children sit in a circle and pass the bowl of candy around. Allow the children to take as many pieces as they would like and ask them to hold the candy in their hand. Choose one color of M&M and ask anyone holding that color to stand. Ask a question like, "Do you have any pets?" and as each child answers the question he can eat that piece of candy and sit back in the circle. Repeat the process until each child has had the opportunity to share a little something about himself.

All Tied Up
This is too difficult an activity for small children, but older kids will love it. You'll need to keep group sizes down to eight or fewer and make sure you have even numbers for it to work. Ask children to stand in a circle, put their left hand in the center, and grab the hand of another person. Now, with their right hands they should grab hold of another person's hand. Without breaking hold of one another's hands they should work together to "unknot" the group and go back into a circle.


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