Process Guidelines to conduct a Workshop

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Process Guidelines to conduct a Workshop Empty Process Guidelines to conduct a Workshop

Post  Saravanamuthu on Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:04 pm

Process Guidelines to conduct a Workshop

The purpose of creating this topic is to get inputs from the members to define Process Guidelines to conduct a Workshop. Hereby I'm listing the important things to be considered to conduct a Workshop. Please list down your points/suggestions as a reply to this post.

01. Finalizing workshop date (suggested to release yearly plan in the beginning of the academic year)
02. Identifying workshop coordinators (two members - 1 old member & 1 new member)
03. Finalizing workshop theme and kick off the session preparation (by Joint-Secretary and workshop coordinator)
04. Conducting meeting (f2f or conf call) for session preparation, to be done by session owner and workshop coordinator
05. Communication to Mentors and Wards (by mentoring coordinators and mentors respectively)
06. Mandapam booking and informing local supporter and cook (to be done by Admin)
07. Transport arrangement (by getting the mentors count) - by Transport coordinator
08. Providing an estimate to core group about the workshop expenses & requesting Finance team to release fund upon approval
09. Purchase of stationery materials that includes taking print outs and photo copies (by Stationery team)
10. Publishing the workshop schedule at least a week before the workshop (by workshop coordinator)


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