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Post  Mathankumar on Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:35 pm

Maximum Achievement Training by Mr.Ashraff

Hi Team,

Good Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have shared below the thoughts and activities put forth by Mr.Ashraff in the "Maximum Achievement Training" which was conducted on Sunday 28th October '2012 for your kind reference.


1.The session started with brain stimulating exercise called as neurobics i.e.Punching your left hand with the right hand fist and simultaneously swinging your body and vice verse.

2.Mr.Ashraff shared that brain is a parallel processor and not a sequential processor and each brain cell has 20,000 neuron cell connections.

3.Mr.Ashraff shared that average human uses only 2% of the brain whereas a genius/scientist uses 5% of the brain.

4.Mr.Ashraff shared that average human being uses 98% of Left brain and only 2% of Right brain.

5.Mr.Ashraff put forth the definition of education as nothing but a tool which brings out the different intelligences that a child possess.

6.Mr.Ashraff also shared that one should always try to activate right brain by thinking and solving problems in crazier ways.


1.Match Box game:- A object in the shape of the matchbox would be sealed in one end and other end would be open and the participant should try to open the box without damaging the box and applying the outward force differently.

2.Ball Game:-A near Rectangular box which is separated into two sections inside will have two balls and the participant should try to place the balls at the two opposite extreme corners of the box at the same time.

3.Pyramid Game:- In this four group of balls with each group containing 4 balls bind ed together and the participant should arrange it in such a way that it forms 3D pyramid in the combination of 4-3-2-1 from the bottom.

4.Nail Twister Game : In this two Nails will be in locked condition and the participant has to separate the two nails by trying different possibilities,

5.M-Shape Alphabet Game: In this 4 pieces of plastic cuttings will be given and the participant has to arrange it in such a way that it resembles the shape of the alphabet "M"

6.Tricky Questions Game: In this both the conductee and the participant will be involved and the participant will be allowed to choose an object from a choice of four Objects but should not reveal to the Conductee and the conductee by mixing the questions trickily will find the object in the participant mind.

7. Rope with bangle Game: Volunteer should release the bangle without cutting the rope / broking the bangle . This stimulates the alternate thinking.

Uploaded the voice records at ?q8jz5zgy1yd4o


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