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Post  SathyaVanthey on Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:04 pm

Hi All,
We have planned 4th WS on JAN 27.
What is the next step ? Yes it is a theme selection Smile
I have attached some life skill activities PDF. Please go thorough all and we can choose any one of the life skills from them.

Please post your thoughts on each skill .

We can have con call on Thursday night to finalize the theme,

all the PDF can found in the below link.


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Theme for 4th WS Empty Re: Theme for 4th WS

Post  Saravanamuthu on Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:41 pm

I've gone through all the documents about Life Skills, especially spent more than 2 hrs on the document 'Life Skills Activities.pdf'. I found all these documents are really good and much needed for us to frame our workshop pattern.

There are 10 core life skills mentioned/covered in all these documents.
They are

1. Self-Awareness
2. Critical Thinking
3. Creative Thinking
4. Empathy
5. Decision Making
6. Problem Solving
7. Inter-Personal Relationship
8. Effective Communication
9. Coping with Emotions
10. Coping with Stress (Time Management)

The document 'Life Skills Activities.pdf' also covers these top 10 life skills. In addition to these it also talks about issue specific areas such ask personal growth, STD (Sexual Transmission Diseases), HIV/AIDS in last two modules entitled as 'Growing Up' and 'STIs and HIV/AIDS'. Prior to these topics, the document emphasize the most needed part in the first two modules named 'Getting Started' and 'Knowing Myself'

My Preference for 4th WS

Here is my preferred area for 4th WS.

1. We have been insisting mentors to discuss with your ward and define individual goals (short-term and long-term) and ways to achieve this. BUT we haven't (as per my knowledge) introduce certain things like, what is a goal? why do we need it? how it helps us?, etc to our wards.

2. It is much need to realize one self to know the individual needs in order to identify the target and define the goals to attain it.

Considering the above two points, I would suggest to have the first two modules in the document 'Life Skills Activities.pdf', restricted to the below listed topics.

Module One: Getting Started
Session Two: Rules and Expectations
II. Expectations (For NGO Networks)
Session Three: Trust and Support
I. Only Positive Statements
II. Secret Admirer

Module Two: Knowing Myself
Session One: I am Special
I. I Love Myself
II. Protective Shield
III. Positive Image
IV. I am happy to be a Girl / I am happy to be a Boy
Session Two: My Values, My Beliefs
I. I want, I need
II. Life's Auction - A change at Buying Happiness
III. House on fire
IV. Let's Play: Value Voting
V. Let's Talk: My Important Values Vs My Behaviour
VI. Who counts

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Theme for 4th WS Empty Re: Theme for 4th WS

Post  Narayanasami on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:39 pm

Very nice Saravanamuthu. I started reading them y'day, but couldn't glimpse through all. But, I too found these materials are highly helpful for our activities. Thanks to whoever shared these files. I will add my inputs after going through them.


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Theme for 4th WS Empty Re: Theme for 4th WS

Post  Narayanasami on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:41 pm

"what is a goal? why do we need it? how it helps us?" - Yes, these are very important & we should have them.


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Theme for 4th WS Empty Re: Theme for 4th WS

Post  Narayanasami on Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:26 am

I like most of the items that Saravanamuthu has pointed out.
Adding more items below. Need to prioritize them before taking something for 4th WS.
(please excuse, the list became bigger)

Life Skill Activities.pdf

Many of the session plan clearly says that it is prepared for some western country. Also, target audience of this pdf is of age 14 onwards.
So, the sessions to be carefully tailored if we want them to use.

Module 3:
Page 80: P.O.W.E.R. Model for Decision Making (can be used for deciding the goals)

Page 84: Session TWO: I. Cause and effect

SESSION THREE: SETTING GOALS AND PRIORITIES (preced with some positive thinking session)
I. Goals I can Reach
II. Excuses – Excuses
III. Step by Step – Goal to Goal
IV. Setting my Goals

Module 5:
I. The ABC’s of feelings – Analysing how we feel

"Life Skills Book.pdf"

Page 15: "No one is perfect. ..." (some 6 bullet points)
This will give a student a positive thought on himself, remove any inferiority complex.

Page 21: Bullet points on empathy

Note: While reading the bullet points on page 60, thought: it will be better to have AOL or Maharishi's long breath technics for relaxing and setting mind free before starting anything reading/attending class/thinking/doing anything.

"Life Skill_Shreena Patel.pdf"

3 to 14 years
three sub-groups: ages 3-5, 6-10, and 11-14.
Children are empowered with skills rather than knowledge, that can help them to function and make sound personal choices in areas of education, health, careers, and social interaction

Page 12: Many points under "Observations of Municipal Schools", and Page 13: many points under "Observations through General Interactions with Children", makes us to think how important is it to analyse the target wards and their problems to address, before setting a syllabus for them.

Page 14: few bullet points, especially last one: "...that study habits were not taught to the children...", and all other points too.

Page 17: "Framing of the Modules" - this is a way to choose/design a module/syllabus
Page 18: "...was clear that they responded best to games and were rarely engaged in discussions...", And how to make a discussion appealing to them, and make them to think and convey. ....--> Very important paragraph

Page 20: This and few previous pages cover five topics the author chosen. This page covers "Futures", talks about thinking of dreams, goals, long term thinking etc.

Page 21: "Self-Awareness: Strengths/Weaknesses and Self-Discipline"
Note, there is a difference regarding self awareness in the book "Life Skills Book.pdf", and this "Life Skill_Shreena Patel.pdf". "Life Skills Book.pdf" - it is very psycological way and looks good like"No one is perfect..", empathy, etc, thus creating an awareness. But, Shreena Patel's look like more theoritical.
Please note, Shreena Patel's initial analysis and understanding about the target group and problem, was excellent, which we must follow. ====> So, somebody is good at one part, someother is good at another part, and both should be combined to accomplish the mission effectively.

Page 30, and 31: appendix 2, "responsibility" module, blindfolding activity. My opinion, this activity may not connect to the "responsibility". Critic: Responsibiltiy should come in feeling, as osho says "responsibility means power".

General: Shreena Patel has observed throughout that games reaches better than discussions, because the topic is somewhat foriegn to the students.

"Life Skills - Step by step.pdf":
Not much to take. Like a time table

It describes the designing lifeskills program or adapting, formulation, strategy, teaching, training, country-wise

page 18: Experience suggests that the process of life skills development or adaptation can take
from 2 to 4 years to complete

page 20: Attracting resources for a life skills education initiative: some suggestions

Page 22: "...(WHO/MNH/PSF/93.7B.Rev.i)... Participating in these workshops can help those designing life skills lessonsto become familiar with the methods used...". And Page-27 summarizes the 4 courses

Page 24: table of 10 life skills, for 3 levels, 3 years

Later pages: implementation process.

Other session suggestions:

- Medical/Health: Dangers of liquor and smoking

- would it be better to get proper training, before we taking it to wards (Refer to WHO training pdf)

- The sessions taken from the docs, has to be customized/adopted/contextualized for our wards.
There may be some pre tasks required, to fill some gap.

- Jai's team activity: use: importance of planning, team work - group of 10. each one to draw a line on board. first they will draw randomly. Then ask them to plan for 10 mins, then draw. Now they will make a meaningful picture. They will definitely understand the value of planning over ad-hoc, and strength of team work.

- Osho's slogan: Responsibility is power. No session idea, but, came to my mind when going through the responsibility session in one of the pdfs. The meaning of "Responsibility" and getting interest in being responsible becomes very easier when explaining this slogan.

- What makes you happy? asking the question to wards and make them write few points in their note. Give them five minutes to write. Then ask them one by one to tell what they have written. This exercise is done in AOL classes. I believe this will make sense to the school students also. This activity will make some real changes in them. (Similar to one session in " Life Skill Activities.pdf")

- Another AOL activity: Don't be a foot ball of others opinion. We often feel

- Training the school teachers for life skills modules - will it change their approach towards students and teaching?

- Make them to ask questions (to themselves and to others): No idea how to form a session

- Importance of understanding while studying: Next step in learning methodology that we did.


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Theme for 4th WS Empty Re: Theme for 4th WS

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