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Post  Admin on Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:34 pm

The idea of this session is that everyone introduces themselves. The tips to introduction are given below. This session helps others in knowing the person & his/her interests. Also if there is a student then a mentors introduction helps them a broader vision by knowing different types of interests/ambitions/professions. Also a wards introduction helps them to improve their communication.

Ideal group strength - upto 30, max 40 ( max 2 minutes each ). Choose three to four ideas here per session.

  • Sit in a closed circle so that everybodys face is visible to everybody.
  • Tell your name attached with a funny prefix (Biriyani Baskaran, Speed sellamuthu)
    and say why you call yourself like that. You can also use an animal here.
  • Tell your native, your profession and if nobody else has already then explain your profession the same & say why u came to that proffession. This way wards will have a view on different types of professions.
  • What you like most ( Playing Shuttle, Singing, etc., )
  • Tell what you consider is your speciality( Writing, blogs, singing, cooking, etc., ). Keep in mind this will give wards a better view of different type of interests.
  • What animal you consider yourself and why.

Ideal group strength - upto 30, max 40 ( max 2 minutes each )

  • Pair(mentor to mentor in mentor workshop, ward and mentor in general worshop)
  • Go in pair and share your feelings for next 5mins.
  • Explain what your pair likes most, dislikes most
  • Explain what is the most happiest moment in your pairs life and most unpleasant moment in your pairs life.Choose upto two or three of the above points in a session. Keeping all will delay the session.

  • Everybody explains each person in round robin: What they like most, what they consider they are best at, sharing some sweet past incidents with that person.
  • Here the idea is we will know each persons point of view about the same person and this gives a better idea and different perceptions.
  • Avoid negatives here in general, but can have negatives as well in a pre-planned session with a matured members to know a way to imrprove each.


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