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Thoughts on Session Designing Empty Thoughts on Session Designing

Post  VforV on Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:47 pm has good ideas related to session designing

I would like to share my experiences & inputs as a VAZHAI workshop trainer/session owner.


Hope you agree with me that there isn't anything that can't be found on Internet. We can get content/ideas for any topic in Internet.

I use the keywords 'children', 'games', 'activities', 'fun', 'creative' while searching/researching content for any session/topic

1) Think on PAPER

After I gather enough content for the session from various sources, I begin to think about execution and note down my inputs on paper.

a) Can this be a individual activity or group activity ?
b) If it is a group activity, how many groups ?
c) In what sequence, should the content be delivered
d) I also note down the materials and properties required for the session

2) Make it a GAME/ACTIVITY

Some of the questions I ask myself while thinking about the execution of the session are

a) If I were a ward, will the session be interesting ?
b) If I were a ward, will the session trigger my participation and does it keep me engaged?
c) Are there activities in the session to keep most parts of the body in action ? ( Like asking them of lift the leg, move the arms, sing a song etc.,....)
d) How about a video related to that ?

The above questions would help to make our sessions engaging and interesting...


I try to recreate the entire session in my mind and try rewinding and fast forwarding. This helps me in arriving at the rough time frame for the sessions.

Malaakka Paduthittu Vittatha Paarthu Visualize Panradhule Evlo Sugam :--)))))))

4) Identify opportunities to REINFORCE

Let me explain this by an example - While designing a session on Geometry, we discussed the concept of Perimeter and Area (Sutru Alavu and Parappu Alavu). I knew students would be well aware of the formulas of perimeter and area for regular shapes. The game to reinforce the "Perimeter Vs Area" concept went like this

a) We drew a big circle on the ground
b) A music was played. The students ran around the circle and stood either on the circumference of the circle OR inside the circle once the music stops
c) Two chits with names "Sutru Alavu" and "Parappu Alavu" written on them were shuffled and we picked one.
d) When the chit with a particular name is picked, accordingly the students standing on the circumference OR area are out of the game
e) The game went on till there was a winner

5) ASK FOR HELP - Actually this is the most IMPORTANT point of all. When you are stuck with something and unable to proceed, don't hesitate to ask for assistance. If you feel overwhelmed, communicate it to the rest of the team. We can distribute the workload among us....Isn't that the essence of a TEAM?


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Thoughts on Session Designing Empty Re: Thoughts on Session Designing

Post  pnavanee on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:32 pm

Thanks for the good info. I think this article is amazing.
You are rocking vichu, the Rock Star.


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