Human Treasure Hunt - One of the Icebreakers. Need your suggestions.

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Human Treasure Hunt - One of the Icebreakers. Need your suggestions. Empty Human Treasure Hunt - One of the Icebreakers. Need your suggestions.

Post  Priya_Ba on Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:22 pm

Human Treasure Hunt is decided as one of the Icebreaking sessions.

The group will be given a sheet of paper which has some 15-20 descriptions/questions. Each person should find someone who matches that description, and get their name signed. The person should also write some more information related to the question (backside of the paper). This icebreaker takes a little longer than the other icebreaker sessions; however, it addresses the theme of our workshop.

If a person completes the task well before the given time he/she communicates it to the facilitator. The person who fills in all the 15/20 questions first will be the winner of the game and whoever fills in the information within the given time are also winners.

They will be given 10 minutes to fill the information. After completing the task, all the participants should read out or say a few things about what they have written.

I request you to add some more different questions so that we can pick the best ones and also to find a suitable Tamil name for this game.

Human Treasure Hunt Questions
1. A person who can tell you a joke
2. Has travelled out of the country
3. Can sing a song with you
4. Has the habbit of reading books
5. Has done something mischievous and get caught
6. Can speak a another language
7. Has an unusual hobby
8. Knows how to dance
9. Knows how to play a musical instrument
10. Knows someone famous
11. Has many siblings
12. Has a collection of something
13. Knows Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday
14. Knows Bharathiyar’s death day
15. Can Swim
16. Cannot swim
17. Owns some pet animal
18. Has broken a bone sometime
19. Would like to change their birth name
20. Only child
21. Has travelled to 5 other states
22. Knows to cook a different dish
23. Who wants to become a collector
24. Whose sister/brother is already in Vazhai
25. Has a younger brother
26. Has a younger sister
27. Can play volleyball
28. Can ride a cycle very well
29. Who has older sibling
30. Someone has a birthday in March
31. Some one has a birthday in October
32. Some one has a birthday in Masi
33. Some one has a birthday in Margazhi
34. Some one who is born on some famous day
35. Can tell ABC backwards really fast
36. Is left handed
37. Who has worked has a teacher
38. Who wants to become a teacher
39. Who is wearing a ribbon
40. Who doesnot drink coffee or tea
41. Who hates icecreams
42. Who has a very long name
43. Someone who is not born in Tamil Nadu
44. Who has the person named Bharathi in his/her family
45. Has ever won something



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