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Public Speaking & Group Discussion Empty Public Speaking & Group Discussion

Post  hnattamai on Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:33 pm

Public Speaking & Group Discussion

This session helps to bring the kid out of their comfort zone and speak in front of a bigger gathering. The objectives and expectations set is to make the kid break their shyness, feel better confident on sharing their views/ideas/comments/critics.

Organize the wards in smaller groups of 10-15. [Need comments: should the wards be organized based on the energy level or their comfort zone?]

Have two groups in a team for debate, initiate the discussion with topic that could be on the interest level of the kids. One team can start speaking for and the other would do against, swap the speaking stratergy after 10-15 mins. Make sure each ward gets 30-60 seconds to speak.
[Need ideas: topics esp- interest level of female wards]
Why pongal in Workshop? [Just as icebreaker :-)]
What is good/healthy vegetables?
How/why Pogo/CN can help us?
Rules: Should talk unique points.

These is just examples and will be picked/finalized after discussion.

Give each person a topic and ask the wards to speak in front of the group. This activity is suggested to be after the debate as expected to have afte the raise on the energy level.
Sample topics:
A funny/crazy incident happened in the age of 5-8.
Rules: Should talk unique points.

Wards with very high energy level at the end of session can be picked to speak for 3 mins infront of every one.
Rules: Should not repeat same word more than 3.


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Public Speaking & Group Discussion Empty Link to public peaking session

Post  navanee on Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:28 pm

There is already a post by Ravi on this.

Pls refer to the same.


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