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Need based session - Communication (Theme) Empty Need based session - Communication (Theme)

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Need based session
Session Plan : We have decided to have only Activity based session thus avoiding soberness.
Objective : To encourage and improve communication within the team and to quit shyness.

Birthday line-up
Students have to line-up around the classroom in order of their birth dates (thalir,1984).
This activity forces students to move around and communicate with each other.
According to this students learn better when they are actively involved (Instant Icebreakers).

Name Chain
Introduce yourself to the group adding a word that describes you based upon the first
letter of your name. For example, “I am Smart Senthil,” or “I am perfect prabavathi.” Then
Introduce yourself, and the person to your right. The person to your right repeats
previous introductions, and introduces the person to their right. Continue with the next
person to the right, until all names have been repeated. This activity will help students
learn each other’s names and also new set of vocabulary which would describe people.
Students will get used to calling others with this nick names which encourages individuals to be the same(perfect,smart).

Word Game :20 mins
Split the children into teams. A team is supposed to give words as clues (not more than 3) to one of it’s team mate. Eg – If the word given is doctor, instead of saying the word directly, they can say hospital, injection, medicine etc. Say, the word is Apple, they can say an ____________ a day keeps the doc away! Or, if the word is book, they can say school, teacher, blackboard, etc. Encourage the team to come up with the clue words by themselves.
Just like memory game, this can be used to build Vocabulary.

*Vazhai Family Journal
Show them Vazhai pictures, and encourage them to speak about the people in the pic, activity they do, etc.

Describing People – Can be clubbed with Adjectives
Objective: To describe the physical features of people.
Proficiency level: Beginning
Picture file: Faces/Bodies
Type of picture: Magazine pictures of people with clearly visible faces.
Language skills: Speaking
Label four columns across the whiteboard: Age, Body, Hair, Face. Elicit and/or teach vocabulary words from learners for each column as follows:
Age: old, young, middle-aged, baby, child, teenager, adult, senior
Body: tall, short, average height, thin, heavy, average weight
Hair: long, short, curly, straight, blond, black, red, brown, brunette, gray, bald
Face: (eye colors), has a beard, wears glasses, has freckles, has thick eyebrows, thin/thick lips
Show a large magazine photo of a person. Model for the class a description of the person using appropriate vocabulary from each column. Put learners in pairs. Give each pair a stack of 5-6 magazine pictures of people. Learners take turns describing the people in their pictures. Rotate the stacks of pictures among the pairs to give more practice.
Extension: Have students write descriptions of selected pictures.


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