Points to enhance post 10th activities

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Points to enhance post 10th activities Empty Points to enhance post 10th activities

Post  Anbusivam on Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:15 pm

For each batch going out we need to have atleast two volunteers dedicated only for that batch.
From the new volunteers we can assign two such people to this team. Lets call them post 10th co-ords (2014).
The existing co-ordinators for post 10th has to manage this new co-ords. If not feasible a new co-ordinator to be appointed(one for each location).
Role of post 10th co-ords:
They should keep track of each student. Which school/college studying, what group, current address, ph no, etc.,
Speak to them atleast twice in an year(not just to communicate something but to know them what they are doing and how is it going) & update the status.
Communicate to the students any information that we want to circulate.
Update to the regular team about student status if something is not going in right track.
Validating & raising financial requests in case of supporting them financially,etc.,


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