Creative and Critical thinking Sessions (Both of them are life skills)

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Creative and Critical thinking Sessions (Both of them are life skills)

Post  VforV on Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:03 pm

Creative and Critical thinking sessions conducted @ Anathapuram couple of years ago.

Session Design/Execution document -

Workbook -

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Re: Creative and Critical thinking Sessions (Both of them are life skills)

Post  Anbusivam on Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:27 am

Vichu. You rock. Do you have the English session documents which are taught by little marry?


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Creative Thinking Puzzles

Post  navanee on Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:44 pm

Hi Friends,

I found few puzzles from the net. Thought that will be useful for the creative thinking session, So sharing with you guys.
I don't know whether our wards will be able to solve them. Need discussion on this.

1) Nine dots (3 dots per row, 3 rows) connect using 4 straight lines


2) 10 Creative thinking puzzles


I think most of the puzzles (1 to 6) dealt with violent stuff like blood, death, kill, suicide etc. Should we project to our wards?
I felt like, Puzzle 7 to 10 are good.

Puzzle 7:A man born in 1972 & dies in 1952 at the age of 25. How?
Ans: His hospital room number is 1972.

Puzzle 8: A black man, dressed in black, wearing a black mask stands at the cross road in a totally black painted town. All the street lights are broken. There is no moon. A black car without headlights drives straight towards him. But he turns in time & does not hit him. How ?
Ans: Incident happened at day Smile

Puzzle 9: A man rides into the town on Friday. He stays one night and leaves on Friday. How is it possible?
Ans: Friday is horse

Puzzle 10: A man walks on the river. Its not a miracle. How?
Ans: He walked on the river when it is in the frozen state.

3) Mind exercise puzzle

Puzzles are relatively easy compared to the other links.

a) The diabolical maze was unfair. The centre was surrounded by a solid square-shaped wall on all four sides, so no-one had ever reached the middle. Without breaking the wall in any way, how could you get to the middle?
I think the Ans is: Just jump over the wall.

b) A magician put a red and a blue pill into a pot. Picking the red pill would give you unimaginable riches, whilst the blue pill would lead to a life of ruin. Everyone ended up being ruined. Knowing that the magician would use sleight of hand to secretly place two blue pills in the pot, how did you ensure you won the unimaginable riches without showing the magician to be a cheat?
I think Ans is: Swallow the pill taken by you. The remaining pill will be blue. So, you can claim, pill swallowed by you is red.

c) A pot of gold is in the middle of a clearing in a forest, surrounded by a rope forming a continuous circle with a radius of 10m from the pot. Without being allowed to use any equipment to get the gold or to walk / run within the circle, and with no-one to help you, how did you get the pot of gold easily without breaking the rules?
I think Ans is: Remove the rope & take the pot. If we remove the rope, we will not be walking within the rope Smile

4) Link:
I like the second puzzle.

5) Link
These kind of puzzles are interesting but we need to work to get these kind of puzzles in tamil.

6) Link
All the puzzles are good Smile

7) Link

There are lot more in the web.


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Creative Thinking session Ideas

Post  navanee on Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:38 pm

I searched over the net & came up with the following ideas.

PS: All have been taken from internet.

1. Word games
a) Finish the song with rhyming word
A short song (2 lines) will be given to the wards like below.
Ex: எனக்கு பிடிச்சது ரோஜா ரோஜா...
எனக்கு பிடிக்காது __________
Wards have to come up & find the rhyming word which will be suitable to put in place. For this example, it could be "கூஜா கூஜா".
Aim of the activity is, wards will think creatively & fill the words. Instead of forcing the song to the wards, wards are part of creating the song.
b) Tell something creative & uncommon
Wards will be given with a word. They have to think & tell some thing creative (atleast one sentence) which is uncommon, does not exist in the word & can not happen. We can give few examples.
Example 1: A snake has been put in petrol for an hour, then placed in the hand bag. A person has swallowed it with the hand bag. (Perhaps this is little terrific.)
Example 2: A table is flying. I have been hanging on the table by catching one of the leg of the table. It flies & goes to the height & overtakes an aeroplane, then it fells into the sea. There is a shark which has its mouth open. The table directly lands on the mouth of the shark & shark swallows Smile
c) Open ended questions:
We can ask wards few open ended questions which will make the wards think creatively.
Q 1: What would happen if it always rained on saturday?
Q 2: What if cycle never wore out?
Q 3: What if cats could bark?
Q 4: What if there is no home work from tomorrow?
Q 5: What if all tree becomes blue?
Q 6: How many different ways a spoon (or button or plastic bottle or dust pin or chock piece or spectacles) can be used?

2) Create a thing creatively (Drawing)
a) In this activity, wards will be given with a piece of paper, color pencils, scissor & gum / tape. Wards will have create something creatively & differently. They can draw on the paper, cut the paper, join using cum etc. Within the time frame, they may create a thing differently.
b) We can ask wards to draw a chair which you have never seen before.
Ideas: 1. A chair with four wings instead of 4 legs.
2. Chair may have a peacock mounted in it
3. The legs may be on top of the chair instead of bottom
4. Chair may present inside the rose pedals
3) Visual thinking
We can show some pictures to the wards & ask what it is?
Example: Recently you people have seen a picture of two towers in the facebook, asking which is in the front? We can ask the same to the wards.
A tree with faces of thalaivars etc.
A picture of squares, ask how many squares?
I believe, A version of this has already been done in last year session.

4) Ice breaking game:
Wards will be standing in a circle, we may give a sound like dog ("wov...wov...") & throw that animal to any one of the ward. He will catch it visualizing it & throw the same to the some other ward mimicing the sound of dog.
It can be played with lot of animals like, kuyil (cokkoo), cat (miyaw), cow(amma), loin, elephant etc.

Thats all I have for now friends.
Please respond, whether the ideas will work out well or not? Your kind suggestions, feedback, ideas most welcome.
Disclaimer: This is idea proposal from Creative thinking "Team C"


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Re: Creative Thinking Session Ideas

Post  navanee on Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:12 pm

Hi Friends,

I saw another website which has some other ideas. Sharing it here.

Someone starts a story and each ward adds a part.

Supporters may act a scene or drama part. Wards will add few scenes & finish the drama.
They will act & one ward will direct the drama.

3) Some more open ended / thought provoking questions
a) What are some of the uses of water?
b) What floats in water?
c) What always stays underwater?
d) What are the different colors that water can be?
Similar questions related to fire, sand, cars, smoke, ice


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Introduction to creative thinking via story telling/video/skit

Post  hema026 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:25 pm

Hi Guys !

We believe the wards at the end of the day should be able to carry the key message of the workshop - "Creative Thinking" rather than it being just a enjoy-able session.

As we researched on the topic we understood that the key blocks to "Creative Thinking" are: 1. Making Assumptions, 2. Conventional way of thinking, 3. Not being imaginative and intuitive and 4. Fear of failure

Of these we think the first two are more critical and at the same time easy to be seeded. We came up with an idea of a Skit/Activity and a Video - to explain the first two points.

1. Skit/Activity - "Making Assumption": The idea which we got is taken from the earlier posts wherein we keep a pot inside a roped boundary. One has to take the pot without being inside the rope. Here most of us will assume that we should not remove the rope. Similarly we have couple of more ideas. All these can be reiterated in the form of a skit or just a normal activity.

2. Video - "Conventional Thinking": We have a tom & Jerry video wherein Jerry and his cousin plan to tie a bell around tom's neck so that they will know whenever he comes nearby. Jerry tries various methods but fails to do it. Then his cousin comes up with a simple plan to just gift wrap the bell to Tom. This is an example of unconventional thinking or thinking out of the box. If we have projectors then we can play this video and it will be fun for wards.

We thought this can be a good opening to the session. Please let us know your thoughts on this over the call.

Rakesh, Hema and Rachana


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Re: Creative and Critical thinking Sessions (Both of them are life skills)

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